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Why Choose ADT Monitoring

From delivering telegraphs by foot in the late 1800s to watching over a home thousands of miles away in today's time, the growth of ADT is one of America's most extraordinary and deep-rooted business success stories.

With over 130 years of monitoring alarm systems, ADT is the leading provider of electronic security solutions with innovative technology and a comprehensive network of ADT owned and operated customer monitoring centers. If a connection to a monitoring center is interrupted, another monitoring center takes over promptly, giving ADT the ability to offer continuous security through advanced monitoring services and ultimately providing you with peace of mind.

ADT has four fully redundant UL listed monitoring centers located in the United States. These centers are operational 24/7, responding to over 33 million alarm signals a year.

All of these monitoring centers are supported by multi-tiered disaster preparedness procedures. This ensures each can operate at optimal levels under a variety of adverse conditions. ADT's monitoring professionals have the support of powerful technology and secure communications links with multiple backup systems. Which means you can always rely on ADT in an emergency.

The ADT Family of Monitoring Centers

ADT Monitoring Center Locations:

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Rochester, New York
  • Irving, Texas

All Monitoring Centers have Back-up Bridge Monitoring (P.D.A.) and are Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listed.

ADT services 6.3 million homes and small businesses and is focused on not only providing the very best in security systems & services but is committed to helping you protect the things that matter most. When an alarm signal is received from a home or business, an ADT professional can alert both you and the proper authorities immediately.