Monitoring Center

Best Technology

For almost 25 years CMS has led the industry with the most advanced monitoring technologies. With an average response time of less than 20 seconds, the CMS monitoring centers are built to run 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The communications systems, computers, receiving equipment and backup power are fully redundant to ensure full-time operation.

First True National Network

Our customers count on us for gold-standard technology solutions that truly benefit them. For example, CMS was the first wholesale monitoring company with a true national network of four monitoring centers, operating UL listed facilities in Florida, New Jersey, Minnesota and California. By operating four centers, we can focus on regional service while benefiting from an unparalleled national infrastructure. It also allows us to build a circle of redundancy among all of the centers. Our alarm traffic balancing capabilities allow for signal activity to be routed to or handled in multiple locations in case of a natural disaster or weather-related event.

Hot redundancy for reliability

Our customers benefit directly from our hot redundancy application that allows multiple servers at a single facility to communicate in real-time, operating in sync with complete replication of data. This feature not only provides redundant layers of reliability, but it allows for efficiency in server operation. This results in greater speed and dependability when we process alarm signals.

First GSM Cellular Two-Way Voice (On Star Voice Monitoring)

Our two-way voice service sets us apart from the competition. CMS was the first of to offer GSM cellular two-way voice monitoring, which enables us to provide you reliable two-way voice service to cellular-only and VoIP customers. Our operators stay on the line with you, passing important information to another operator who talks to authorities. CMS was the first to offer GSM cellular two-way voice monitoring because we are constantly looking to implement new technology that provides our customers with solutions.

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